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Praxis started as a label in South London with the first two 12"s coming out at the end of November and the beginning of December 1992.

We are now based in Berlin where you can visit our shop:

Praxis Records & Books/Yaya23

Lenbachstrasse 9

10245 Berlin 

right by Ostkreuz station


Pelzwurstlieder (Achtzehntes Heft) in stock

Das achtzehnte und letzte Heft der Pelzwurstlieder ist jetzt im Praxis Laden erhältlich, wie immer als Bildplatte mit sieben Zoll Durchmesser und mit handgemachten Umschlägen, limitiert auf 200 numerierte Exemplare…


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La Folle Curieuse - Prestige releases in stock

The releases of La Folle Curieuse and the label Prestige dedicated solely to the publication of her works have managed to evade our radar for some time. Occasionally a record went through the store, but apparently didn't receive the attention it would have deserved. But the eccentric approach to production technique and mixing definitely deserves another listen. Initially this method was applied to hardtek on the first Prestige record, but soon used against (one could say) breaks and speedcore as well. Of the roughly 10 releases - one of which is rumoured to be an unobtainable LP limited to 15 copies only - we have now listed 6:



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Vinyl, CD's and Tapes from NoiseAngriff#47

just listed: records,cd's and tapes of the artists who played last night's NoiseAngriff


ultra limited drones, noise & more!


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