Welcome to the Praxis Online Shop!


Praxis started as a label in South London with the first two 12"s coming out at the end of November and the beginning of December 1992.

We are now based in Berlin where you can visit our shop:

Praxis Records & Books/Yaya23

Lenbachstrasse 9

10245 Berlin 

right by Ostkreuz station


FKY represses + more hardtek & tribe

A complete set of FKY re-presses has been added to the shop - and some more hardtek from the likes of Modular, Nazdar Bazar, Fantomatik, click HERE


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More books in English added!

Another nice lot of english-language books, ranging from situationist classics (like Debord's Society of the Spectacle, or Viénet's Enragés and Situationists in the Occupation Movement, Vaneigem's Cavalier History of Surrealism) via King Mob (David Wise's brand new autobiographical account, King Mob: A Critical Hidden History, as well as the two Vague books on the topic) to punk rock (Crass, Dead Kennedys, John Robb's Punk Rock - An Oral History,  Ian Glasper's The Day the Country Died - a History of Anarcho-Punk, and Sober Living for the Revolution) and the Red Army Faction, plus Michael Moorcock, Occupied London and MORE!

check out the english language part of our print section HERE!


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Istari Lasterfahrer: Walls Cave in on You - SPB12015 in stock

The brand new very multifaceted vinyl by Istari Lasterfahrer is now in stock! Well worth checking out, we think.


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